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If your computer is slow to start up...there are a few steps you can take to speed it up.

  1. tep 1

    * Go to Start
    * Run
    * Msconfig
    * Select "OK"

  2. Step 2

    A small windows dialog box will appear with the title "System Configuration Utility". There are many options tab here, for example
    You will see tabs on the top of the screen:

    * General
    * System.ini
    * Win.ini
    * Boot.ini
    * Services
    * Startup
    * Tools
    *** SELECT(Normal Startup)***

  3. Step 3

    Here you can examine the all programs listed and uncheck the programs that are unnecessary or slows down your computer boot up process.

    * Go to the (STARTUP) Tab
    * Uncheck unnecessary programs

  4. Step 4

    Go to the Services tab:
    * Now click on "Services" tab to view the all running windows services. On the bottom, first check the option "Hide All Microsoft Services" to hide all windows necessary services.

    * When you have checked the option "Hide All Microsoft Services" then you can see what unnecessary services are running. Uncheck the unnecessary service boxes to remove the items you don't need to run at startup and press the apply button to save the Services tab setting.

  5. Step 5

    Restart your computer

  6. Step 6

    Check the box that says "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when windows starts"

    This is done so the system configuration Utility does not pop up each time you start up.

By poorvi29

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