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In today's computer age , it is necessary for everyone have virus protection software running on their computer at all times. Not having virus protection on your computer puts you at risk of losing important files , programs , and personal information. You can purchase virus protection at tons of stores online websites . However I recommend saving your money and downloading free virus protection that works just as well as any other computer protection software.

Instructions :

  1. Getting Started

    To start off you will need to find a website that offers free virus protection software . One website that is excellent for this is , this website is home to many virus protection programs and countless other useful programs for your computer.

  2. Step 2

    Download Software

    Once you are on the website , simply enter "Virus Protection" in the search prompt located at the top of the page . Your search will retrieve pages of results containing downloadable virus protection programs. Read the description of each item to decide on which one is best for you . Also be sure to view the user rating of each virus protection software (rated on a scale of 1 - 5 stars) .

    Note : Be sure to check the compatibility requirements of the software you are using .

  3. Step 3

    Upon downloading the software , follow the simple onscreen instructions to install and get the virus protection software running on your computer . Be sure that you have it set so that it automatically runs every time you start your computer.

  4. Step 4

    Try Free Trial Versions

    Free trial versions of virus protection software is available from most major virus protection software providers. A few of these companies include , Norton AntiVirus , AVG , etc. Visit the main website of these companies to download a free trial version of their virus protection . Most trial versions last 2 - 4 weeks .


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